Live First

To be the change that we desire to see!

Justin Krueger

What is Live First?

We are an idea that was created to change the actions of people by reminding them that inspiration starts within You, so try to Live each day according to that. Our message is that if you will be conscious of your joyful feelings, stay CONSISTENT in those good feeling thoughts, then you will begin to change your life and life will react to your positive energy to give you more.

Live First was created as a purpose to help direct people to a fulfilled life. It was the desire of the creator of Live First to remind people, if just for a minute, to analyze how they are living life. Changing your thoughts requires repetition, consistency and faith. So become involved and help us begin to change those thoughts by questioning everything. For those that seek wisdom is shown wisdom. The more we change the more people we change, and the more people we change the more the world changes. So let’s get started and be a part of a world change!


Our Mission:

“To be the change that we desire to see.”