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Justin Krueger

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What is Live First?

We are an idea that was created to change the actions of people by reminding them that inspiration starts within You, so try to Live each day according to that. Our message is that if you will be conscious of your joyful feelings, and repeating those good feeling thoughts, then you will begin to change your life and life will react to your positive energy to give you more.

Live First was created as a purpose to help direct people to a fulfilled life. It was the desire of the creator of Live First to remind people, if just for a minute, to analyze how they are living life. We do that by placing inspiring messages on tee shirts and having discussion groups within our community with a desire to expand into the minds of the ones seeking change. Changing your thoughts requires repetition, so seeing our phrases throughout society on wearable material and hearing us speak at different venues slowly changes thought patterns of the individuals wearing, reading, and hearing them! So become involved and help us begin to change those thoughts. The more thoughts we change the more people we change, and the more people we change the more the world changes. So let’s get started and be a part of a world change!

These products and ideas have endless boundaries in the market. We create phrases that has the ability to touch anyone and speak where we are invited in hopes to inspire others. Through this company I have made a decision that Live First would give back to the community that has given to it. So each Foundation that our material focuses on, Live First is going to give back a percentage of our net profit, from those areas, to that Foundation. Each customer that buys our products or company that has us speak will have the satisfaction that a part of their money spent, has gone to a Foundation to help others.

Our Mission:

“To give a thought to everyone out there who hears our message. A thought that you have an obligation to Live First in your life and as a result changing the lives of those around you. Our hope is that you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are reminded, when you hear or see Live First, that you are First and to Live each day according to that”!