Live First

To be the change that we desire to see!

Justin Krueger

What is your story, about life, from how you view it right now? Are you looking at the lack, limitation, and struggle? If you are surrounding yourself with these things then these things you must get. If you take a minute to analyze this then you will most likely find that it is easy to say, “Yes I always seem to have this happen to me, or I can never seem to achieve this, or I will never get there because…..”. If it is easy to see that you are stuck in this situation, then you are proving what I am trying to tell you. You can change it by your mindset, because you are receiving what your mindset is right now!

I have gone over this several times, but again I will say, you are not alone! You didn’t get here by yourself and you will not leave by yourself. There are laws of this universe that are here to create what it is that you want and all you have to do is ask for it. Now, to do this you have to be able to put your ego aside. For example, if you are in the mindset right now that you want to be here and you’re not and the only one in the world that believes it more is you but it is not happening then listen to me! Get rid of your ego! Your ego tells you that material things are what you measure yourself by. What job you have, what social status you are, how much money you have in the bank, and these are all results of circumstance. Nothing is wrong with these things. The problem lies in how you get to them!

If you are wanting these things and are believing that , “I have to do this, I have to get here, I, I, I, I, …..”, you will fail! Start believing in the source that is within you, that is within everyone, and have that faith and conviction that your imagination, your desires, will come to you, but only through your faith and your knowledge of source. After you have reached this point, sit back and watch things line up for you! When you are called to act, then act, do your part, and you will know when that time is! Enjoy your life and know that you will and you must!

“Make your mind up right now that there isn’t the slightest use trying to do anything by yourself. You just aren’t big enough and that is the plain truth of the matter. The millions of facts and circumstances beyond your ken and scope make of you a microbe on the face of the earth the moment you isolate yourself from the Subconscious Mind and say, “I, all by myself, will do this thing.” 

The first very apparent thing you will discover is that you don’t know enough. The second is that you find yourself facing gigantic forces over which you have no control and against which you have no weapon. Defeat in every undertaking is then certain, and the only end is to be reduced to a groveling, whining, complaining, fear-ridden speck.

But join forces with the Subconscious Mind and the entire universe speeds to answer your every need. For this wise and omnipotent father knows of your every need before you voice it, and may effect an instantaneous manifestation in your life of whatever it is you are convinced of. The Subconscious Mind contains the knowledge of all ways and means and times, and you may rest your problem there with the surety that it will be answered with perfection. Do not keep examining the pot to see if the water is boiling. You don’t have to double-check God. Don’t make up your mind that your path should lead in a certain direction and then be disturbed because you find it is leading elsewhere. Know that your every step is unerringly guided on a perfect route to your destination. Whatever you consider to be a side road is not a side road at all but the best of all possible paths. Hold fast and faithfully to your conviction.” Uell S. Anderson


Live First my friends!


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