Live First

To be the change that we desire to see!

Justin Krueger

What a wonderful time of year! A time to give thanks to the things that we love in our lives. A time to anticipate the great gifts that are being prepared for us to give to others with the excitement that we get seeing our love ones happy and joyful. A time to let our youth’s imagination run wild with the thoughts of someone or something bringing them presents for just believing. An inner child in the adults as they run around from store to store trying to grab the list that was made at home from the little ones, or a loved one that they could surprise with that perfect gift. What a truly joyous time that I wish could be slowed to allow the wonder in it all to take effect on each of us in this world!

Too many of us only enjoy this moment once a year. It is sad that when the holidays pass we tend to revert back to what was “normal”, and our lives are taken over again by work, schedules, meetings, and what we have to get done for that day or week. We think that we have to get back to our jobs and make up the lost time from enjoying the moment, spending too much money, and getting a fresh start to a new year only to revert back to our so-called reality…….until next year, we say!

Let me tell you something that I believe will grab your attention. I believe that when we are born into this world we are given all that we need. Not one, but everyone that is conceived, has everything that we need to be joyous each and every day of our lives. I believe that our gift was to make each day a “holiday”! It was the intention¬†for our lives to be lived without regret, without suffering, and with all the prosperity that we could imagine. This can be done with a slight change of thought, and it can be seen in the holidays that are right around the corner, that this can be done on a grand scale. Just sit and notice the change in the air when Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching and notice the change in people. It is all accomplished by a slight change in thought. That thought has a common theme. GIVE and enjoy the reactions of others by your gifts!

Now, picture a mass of people crowding the malls, calling to see if they can hide gifts, getting that last-minute surprise, the feeling of wrapping that something special for that someone special, and the anticipation of your gifts being opened so that you can see the reaction of your “thoughts” making someone happy! Now keep that same picture in your mind and see if you can apply that to everyday life. When the holidays are gone could you muster up that energy that you had to make someone’s day on a daily basis? I think that you can, and I think that we all must! Think of that feeling that you get when you know you found that perfect gift for your loved one, and apply it daily. It feels good, so why wouldn’t we want to feel that each and every day?

When you can start your day with the intention of making that day for someone else you are, in essence, making that day for yourself. You are creating that life of giving, so in return, life starts to find ways to give back to you! This is the way of life that we all need to adopt. Live First and the life that we are wanting for others will become ours in the matter of moments and in those moments you will be filled with the joy of living everyday like Christmas!

Enjoy your holidays like you have never enjoyed them before! Live First my friends……



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