Live First

To be the change that we desire to see!

Justin Krueger

Why do sports teams all practice? We can all answer this question pretty quickly, right? To be ready to act on a situation when it is in front of them. To have the ability to get it right in that moment and be prepared for what might happen! Have you ever thought about doing that in life? If you are wishing that your bank account is bigger then why don’t you practice that?

I know that I am throwing questions at you but I am trying to get you to slow down and think for a minute. If you want more money then act in a way that you would if you had that money. How would you dress? Where would you live? What would you drive? If you can answer these questions then you are creating an imagination where you can go to have these things. If you look deeper into this imagination you can find that feeling that you feel when you think of these things. You see, it is not the things you want, it is the ability to be able to get them when you want to. Everyone is different in what they might want in life and that is what makes us great, but we all have the same ability to get them. It all starts with you. Do you practice this or not?

Let’s take you a little deeper into what I am talking about. If someone came up to you today and said that in one month you will receive a check for all the money you had wished for. What would you do after you heard that news? My guess is that you might figure out what you would pay off, what kind of house and where you might build it, what kind of car you might run out and buy, and I could list many more. I am sure that your mind is wandering now about that question. You are preparing yourself for receiving that money! You are practicing what your life would be like when you received that check! You have just created that world in your mind of what you would get with that money. You do all of this because someone else told you and gave you proof that you will get that money. Why can’t you tell yourself that?

If you are short on anything in life it is because you have thought you were. It is no one else’s fault. It all comes back to you. I heard a great story one time that went like this…..A doctor was treating a man who had been depressed and could never seem to get ahead in life. He was in a job he didn’t like, had no money from week to week and couldn’t find a woman who would stay with him. Every time he went to see the doctor he would poor these issues out on the table and always blamed his mother for leaving him. Every single time he would end up talking about how his mother did this to him. If she wouldn’t have left him and stayed with him he wouldn’t be this way. After several discussions with this man the doctor, finally fed up, asked the man to leave and go get his mother! The doctor asked the man to get her and the two of them were to come back to his office as soon as possible. The man, looking dumb founded, stood up and screamed to the doctor, “what are you going to do, yell at my mom!” The doctor simply sat him back down and said, “no but it seems that if I can treat your Mother then you will be all better!”

See we all to often want to blame others for our shortfalls. There is no one else to turn to but us. If you can deal with that then you can start fixing what you have been doing wrong and start to correct it. Start practicing what you might do if you already had that money you wished for. Go there in your mind and feel that relief you have been searching so long for. Hold that thought day in and day out. Stop saying that you wished for more money but hate that you can’t get it. You are telling yourself over and over that you can’t! You can and it is easy to do that. No one can keep you from going to your imagination and living that life. Once you get that you will start heading in that direction. If it helps you to understand this then take a little bit to review your own life up to this point. Without blaming anyone, think about how you have thought about life until now. Look around at your surroundings. Everything that was created around you came from an idea first, then imagination, and completed by desire! Some of the greatest things we have and use daily came from people who had little or no formal education. You are your on excuse!

Live First my friends!

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