Live First

To be the change that we desire to see!

Justin Krueger

“It matters not what your job is, whether you dig ditches or rule nations. The same power is available to you as is available to anyone, and even the most exalted of the earth use but a tiny fraction of it. If you will discard the false notion that security rests with material things, and place your faith and trust in Universal Subconscious Mind, the power will go to work for you, creating in your life those very things which you allow yourself to imagine and accept. Consider lilies in the field. Vain striving made them not, nor will worry hurry their bloom. They spring well formed from the power that governs all; and man may pursue his ends on earth with the same composure as a lily nestles in the field, with trust in God and faith in tomorrow.”

Great words by Uell S. Anderson

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